Our relocation package for Ukraine - what can we do for you?

All the information here will be updated to comply with the current Government legislation.

In response to the humanitarian crisis that is a direct result of the war in Ukraine, we came forth with a special care package for people looking for a permanent employment in Poland.

What can we do for you?

Take care of the documentation & the process

We will help you organize all the necessary documents required to assure your legal presence and work in Poland.

Cover the costs of transportation

If needed, you can count on our direct financial aid to ensure your (and your family's) safe relocation to Poland. This is discussed individually.

Cover the living costs until you settle

When you sign the contract, you can count on our help with paying for accommodation and living costs in any Polish city of your choice throughout your adaptation period.

Only English (B2) required

You don't have to speak Polish, but we do expect you to speak English (B2). We also offer Self Growth Budget that can finance your Polish lessons if you desire to learn.

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