10-11 September 2016, Warsaw

• Are you curious how iOS and Android apps are created?
• Always wanted to give Ruby on Rails a try?
Or maybe you’re interested in experimenting with Elixir?

Choose one technology that you’re most excited about and

Who Is Workshops Weekend for?

To attend the Workshops Weekend, basic experience in development is needed. Working with any web technology will be an asset.

  • For Complete Beginners

    During this workshop you will learn to design and create your first fully functional applications.

  • For Newbies

    For those with some experience with these technologies who want to gain their fuller understanding.

  • For Converts

    If you already know other programming languages, you will discover the beauty of creating apps with other technologies.

About the Workshops Weekend

Join us for 2 days full of learning and fun! 

You can choose which workshop you want to attend: iOS, Android, RoR or Elixir.
All of them will be conducted in Polish and will take place in EL Passion’s office in Warsaw Spire (Plac Europejski 2).
Apart from coding, there’ll be time to get to know each other during common meals and the afterparty.
And what’s the best thing? You can participate for free!

Deadline for applications: 26 August 2016
We’ll inform you about the results by 1.09 the latest

Meet Our Mentors


Mateusz Szklarek

Mateusz Szklarek
iOS Developer

He started his journey with Objective-C, currently continues it mostly in Swift. Big fan of BDD/TDD and AppCode. Loves tools which facilitate and automate the development process. Likes FIFA, gym, swimming and Apple products.

Konrad Szczęśniak

Konrad Szczęśniak
iOS Developer

Loves discussions about tools, patterns and crazy solutions on both design and business levels.

Dariusz Rybicki

Dariusz Rybicki
iOS and MacOS App Developer

Software Engineer with several years of experience in web and mobile applications development. Loves clean architecture, readable code and cats.


Karol Kowalski

Karol Kowalski
Android Developer

Works in Kotlin, hates Java. He’s a really poor developer, so he has to test his code all the time. He also cares about automation and spreading knowledge.

Kasper Kondzielski
Android Developer

He used to develop backend solutions, but mobile applications turned out to be the love from the first try. Fascinated about writing clean code and Agile methodologies. Speaker at GDG DevFest Poland and DroidCon Italy.

Dominik Malantowicz
Android Developer

He’s as short as his functions and classes and also as concise as Kotlin. Has deep knowledge of every tool he uses. He knows why Chrome uses all your memory and why emulator crashes only when you need it.

Ruby on Rails

Jakub Nowakowski

Jakub Nowakowski
Rails Developer

Two years ago he changed Excel tables for developing in Ruby and it was one of the best decisions in his life. Backend developer by choice, frontend developer out of necessity.

Wojciech Korzeniowski
Rails Developer

Ex Java developer who started his journey with Ruby at EL Passion. Lately became fascinated with functional approach, because of that got interested in React and Elixir. Decided to learn at least one language each year because you “gotta know ’em all”

Grzegorz Kemski
Rails Developer

Grzegorz is a Master of Mathematics. He fell in love with RoR shortly after getting to know Ruby. When solving challenging tasks is not a priority, he likes to watch NBA games.

Mateusz Zdanowicz
Rails Developer

Programmer with passion for web applications. Discovered Ruby shortly before graduation and used it for the final project. Started his first developer job after internship at EL Passion. Fan of pizza and “Matrix” movies. He likes to cycle and read a good book from time to time.

Karol Sarnacki
Rails Developer

Karol’s love for computers started with a Commodore 64. 15 years later after a short affair with Java and C++, he discovered Ruby. Today he is a respected Ruby on Rails developer and a morning runner.

Karol Wyliziński
Rails Developer

Started his journey as a Ruby developer at EL Passion workshops. Thinks that only new challenges won’t make your life monotonous, so he has chosen a developer career to get a possibility of continous self-development. Admirer of Elixir. Loves travelling. Senior FIFA Player.

Ula Kowalska
Rails Developer

Former Informatics & Econometrics student, fell in love with Ruby two years ago. Coffeeholic, enthusiast of movies, TV series and poor jokes.


Michał Warda

Michał Warda
Rails & Frontend Developer

Started his IT career at the first EL Passion workshop. Proud Full Stack developer. Programming polyglot, functional programming enthusiast, speaker at first Warsaw Elixir Meetup. Outspoken Vim user. Always with an abnormal approach to the problem.

Klara Hirao
Rails Developer

Atendee of previous EL Passion workshops.

About EL Passion

We are a team of experts passionate about designing and developing stunning apps. From hackathons, through dojos, to field trips, we strive to create a development culture that breeds success.

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