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Ruby on Rails web applications

Ruby is a modern programming language that allows developers to build all kinds of applications, from small scripts to enterprise web platforms. Ruby on Rails is a framework – set of tools built on top of Ruby aimed at quickly developing web applications. Some of the benefits of this technology are:

  • Emphasis on productivity
  • Large and growing community of developers
  • Huge ecosystem so the programmer doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel
  • It’s easy to write an API for your mobile application
  • Good for Agile projects
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Agile Development Methods

We will talk to you about your product vision and decide with you if we are a good fit for your project. If we are, we’ll send you a project estimation for your review. Then we’ll pick the right Ruby on Rails development team for you and start your project using Scrum – an Agile development process.

  1. Product vision
  2. Initial estimation
  3. Choosing a development team
  4. Choosing the right technologies
  5. Establish Scrum process
  6. Development in iterations
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Technologies We Use

What we can do for you

We offer you Agile Ruby on Rails development teams that deliver web solutions that fit your needs. Build an MVP, create APIs, scale your app or design interfaces. All under one roof.

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  • Build an MVP

    Build your MVP (minimum viable product) from scratch with the help of our startup Ruby on Rails development team. Get to market fast with the best results using Agile methodologies.

  • Create APIs

    APIs allow your mobile application to connect to the backend, where all your data lies and your business logic is processed. It’s the glue that connects all mobile devices and platforms.

  • Scale Your App

    You tested your idea, and now you want to grow your app. Add new features, improve Ruby on Rails development speed and be prepared for a lot of users. See progress day-by-day with continuous delivery.

Meet Our Ruby on Rails Development Team

With over 100 successful project launches, we’ve got the experience to deliver the results you want. Our Ruby on Rails development team is passionate about creating quality products that will bring your vision into reality.

Why pick us


Don’t settle for cookie-cutter coding. With automated tests, code reviews and continuous integration we maximize productivity, minimize maintenance costs and ensure the quality of your app.

Agile Process

We form self-organizing teams that are flexible and adapt to changing requirements. Business and development goals stay aligned with joint planning, product demos and daily meetings.


Check the current state of your app whenever you want. No project managers as middlemen. Direct communication with the team will help you do more with less documentation.

Dedicated Team

Our designers and developers work exclusively on your project until it’s finished. Full-time commitment keeps the team focused and efficient. Your project is always the team’s first and only priority.

In-House Design

Our UI/UX team works closely with developers to create stunning designs for your web or mobile app. From wireframes to a finished product, build a smooth user experience under one roof.


Organizing free workshops and lectures is our way of giving back to the community. We also broaden our knowledge on company hackathons. We love what we do, and you’ll love what you’ll get.

Our Recent Work

Mobile App Development

Quality code and stunning visuals for iOS and Android.

UI & UX design

Beautiful, intuitive visuals for your websites and apps.

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